Inhale Life
Exhale Stress

Feel more empowered in life and work through Breathwork, Yoga and Wellbeing


Be Confident
In your Body

Whether you’re seeking an intense workout or a meditative stretch, you’ll find it in one of Mickey’s classes. Active Pada is for health-seekers, or for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of safe, effective physical activity.


Be Confident
in Your mind

All classes are infused with Mickey’s unique
brand of Yoga. Her mantra being “Strength &
Confidence wherever you are on your
journey,”. Helping to guide students in the
power of mind-body connection and
teaching through energy.


Be Confident
In your Heart

Mickey’s classes are designed to strengthen the heart. Not just to challenge your heart physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. On top of this she works on connecting with compassion in order spread love everywhere!

Partnerships with Love

Recharge and refresh
your soul as you
re-align with your body

Health and wellbeing starts here. The perfect yoga wellness workshops, weekend retreats and special events. All our events are enjoyable and transformative.

Incorporating yoga, meditation and healing. We will help you find your inner calm, discover the joy in being healthy and fit again. Life is too short to be anything but YOU!

Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

with these Positive Products

Made with love from independent growers and manufacturers using 100% natural premium ingredients. The energy, the entourage effect and benefit, only achieved with 100% purity.

As the founder of PADA, I have tried and tested all the products on this shop, not only to authenticate the final product but that the production journey has a clean green slate from seed to store.

your Plan

Yoga works on many levels; the physical, psychological, and energetic. All Yoga and breathwork  practice is a  preparation for life, for the obstacles that we face on our journey.

Breathwork, Yoga and Self Mastery. Commitment, intention, assign time to reach your goals. Life is all to play for, everything and anything is possible when you get your mind and body to work together.


Beautiful words from some of our amazing students