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Testimonial on Retreat

“Went on Mickeys yoga retreat and loved it. The yoga and food were both top class. The Accommodation incredibly stylish and luxurious. Had an amazing walk along the beach to see the seals and to top it all lost 3 lbs in weight. Go along and indulge yourself. Leave everything to the girls and enjoy. 100% recommended”
"Had the most incredible Yoga weekend in Norfolk! Thank you, Mickey!! Still feeling ZEN a week on Can’t wait for the next one! Di"
“I would highly recommend Mickey’s retreats. I’d fallen off the yoga wagon and this was exactly what I needed to get back on. The program was well planned and although it took place in a hotel in central London , you felt as though you were somewhere else. The practice space was lovely, high ceilings, huge windows and original features. The breath work and panic healing sessions both took me to another place, for the first time. The yoga was suitable for all levels, vinyasa got us going in the morning and yin allowed our bodies to decompress. I particularly enjoyed my lunch, it was very tasty. The best thing was it took 20 minutes to get home (no sitting on a motorway in traffic). A glass of rose in the pub finished off what was the perfect day. Can’t wait for the next one.”
Laura M
music Bizz
“Had a fantastic relaxing weekend practising yoga, chanting and meditation. Micky is a brilliant teacher. The food cooked by Lisa wax amazing. I highly recommend one of these wellness weekends. Thanks Mickey"
"I came to Mickey’s experience with an open mind, not second guessing what I would achieve, although I kind of knew what I wanted to. Throughout the day I felt various emotions of being nervous, excited and relaxed. I felt that my body and soul were connected at times, and the yoga, healing and breathing techniques I was introduced to helped me to achieve this. Mickey is brilliant at commanding the room, and getting you to feel relaxed, but equally getting you to push yourself to do the moves right. I have since felt a positive shift in my outlook, and I am keeping up with some of the exercises we did so that I can continue to support my journey. Oh and I can't forget the delicious food/treats that we had that I could eat everyday!"
Claire G

Testimonials on Classes

“Thank you Mickey for a great yoga practice this morning. I felt so energised afterwards and it set me up for having a positive day. You can tell that Mickey is an experienced yoga teacher, and she really brings all of her knowledge to make sure that you get the best out of your yoga practice. I always feel so grounded and at peace after doing yoga and it reminds me why I love it so much. Thanks again!"
Louise Harper
“I Joined Active Pada and the community group for a yoga class. It was brilliant. Mickey is an inspiring and dedicated yoga teacher. Her classes make it accessible for everyone. As I am recovering from illness I found today’s class the perfect aid to my recovery. It has allowed me to start to refuel my energy and heal. I am very much a novice but find Yoga the very best way to relax and let go. I very much would recommend Active Pada and found Mickey to be very welcoming and encouraging. Thank you. ”
Marianne Greene
“I don’t usually do reviews but I have to give a big shout out to Active Padas- Mickey’s yoga mat class. This class is all about Core, Strength and Balance. Mickey will advise throughout on positions and breathing. Every nook and cranny from within is worked on without breaking out in a sweat or getting out of breath. Highly recommended. Mickey”
“I've just had the most amazing Yin Yoga session with Mickey. Having regularly practised Yoga before I wasn't sure what to expect & I can honestly say I've never experienced the kind of stretching, release and intensity of feeling that this practice offers. I recently lost a really close friend and the emotional upset was addressed and balanced in the beautiful reset and final moments when we finished the session. Thank you Mickey, I will be back, it was fantastic. ”
“Just had an amazing morning yoga session with Mickey that really helped to energise and stretch out my back as I suffer with sciatica. The poses were gentle enough to stretch and yet support core muscle strengthening. I would definitely recommend. Thanks again Mickey"
Tracy Reid
“I am 80 years old, & only started Yoga 4 weeks ago during the lockdown. The exercises,positions, breathing, meditative advice from Mickey during the sessions is great. Already, I find myself looking forward to the next session. The improvements in sleeping, attention to posture,& general wellbeing are becoming apparent already. I wish I had started this decades ago. Thanks Mickey, you are a great teacher”
Ian Hickey
“I did a 2 hour yoga practice with Mickey on Saturday. An hour of Yin yoga followed by an hour of energizing Astanga yoga. What an amazing experience, I left feeling energized, my mood had gone up 10 notches and I felt totally stretched in a nice way!! The depth of Mickey's experience and knowledge shines through in the way she takes you through the poses explaining each in detail and making corrections to your position when needed. I particularly loved the meditative section and advice she gave. Thank you Mickey, fabulous! Can't wait for the regular Friday session to start again.”
“First session with Mickey today. Really impressed with the level of care and thought that Mickey put into the session beforehand. She’d listened to what I’d said were my problem areas and delivered a personalised session that really addressed that. I liked that she’d also taken into account my current wfh lifestyle. The care she took to make sure I got each posture right was great and corrected a lot of bad habits. I feel great and really looking forward to my next session.”
“I’ve suffered terrible back ache for years and hold onto anxiety. Through the process of this yoga I have managed to turn it around live a more contented and relaxed way of life while improving my mobility, which in turn uplifts my mood. It’s a practice for anyone at all fitness levels”
Dyane Lane
“I did my first yoga session today and I was not disappointed. The practice was fantastic and it really helped me to feel calm yet energised at the start of a very hectic week. Mickey explained everything well at a good pace and was able to give clear cues as to how we could perfect the poses and ensure that we challenged ourselves to get the most out of every position. This clear and concise teaching meant that I could control my body well and felt comfortable enough to relax and focus on my breathing. I’ll definitely be back for more”
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, Mickey makes everyone welcome and takes time to explain poses and share tips to make your practice safe. Of all my lockdown interests, yoga will be the one I’ll stick with. Namaste.“

News & Updates

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