Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Reduce stress| increase productivity| make better decisions

Science and business schools have shown that happy employees are more productive, creative and better prepared to handle stress

Get your team back on track with corporate wellness workshops

Many business leaders are struggling with making the return to the office and the new hybrid workplace work.

Science and business schools have shown that happy employees are more productive, creative, flexible and work better with colleagues and customers; tired, stressed and anxious employees much less so.
Happy Workers 13 times more productive

So what are the simplest ways to create this atmosphere in the new world of work?

There are lots of things you could do, but this simple programme can be a powerful tool for businesses facing these changes: building a workplace atmosphere beyond the burnout, the fatigue; the kind of workplace that your employees once thought out of reach, is now in sight. Effects of a Workplace Wellness Program

It works: you will notice a difference from day 1, and that difference will grow exponentially throughout the programme.

Less Stress More Productivity

In the first half of my career I led teams and businesses in some of the most intense and high pressured parts of the fashion world within their global supply chains. I know the kind of problems that high pressure organisations and individuals experience on a day to day basis. How pressure and stress make it hard to be productive, to think clearly and make good decisions.

That’s why I know this works, because it worked for me.

This is a short targeted and practical programme that will provide your team with the necessary skills to deliver immediate results.

Change happens when people do, not when they sit listening to wise words or powerpoint charts: active participation, individually and as group, is how profound learning happens. The Value of Worker Wellbeing

I create short, sharp experiences that help teams do this, no matter their current fitness, physical ability, age or status. We are all too busy to waste time so sessions are short and energizing, spread over just a few weeks.

It’s not just off the shelf: I create a bespoke package for You, about You, Your needs, Your concerns.

These are some of the common themes that this programme can target...

  • Co-operation: Rebuild the connections to each other as we remember how to be together in a positive space.

  • Brilliance: The gold-dust that lights the fire within. Remember who you are, not only as an individual but as a team. Believe in your limitless potential.

  • Performance: The journey to the summit. You have the skills; with the right practice and tools anything and everything is achievable.

  • Resilience: The key to lasting success; giving your team the essential skills to deal with high pressure environments

Whatever the focus of the programme, it will harness a simple but powerful practice, a system of movement involving breath control with the aim to improve energy circulation within the whole body. Oxygenate the blood for improved brain function. Tone up the muscles, improve posture, relax the nervous system, unblock aches and pains.

This will have an immediate effect on the emotional, physical and mental state of you and your colleagues. You think better, you communicate better, you do better.

Whatever next actions might be, wherever future challenges emerge, you and

your team now feel ready.

Mickey Monroe

Born in Glasgow I moved to London at 17. I have lived in the major fashion capitals and worked at the toughest end of the fashion industry (global supply chain management). I now live in London with my 3 sons, grown to men.

I have been practising Yoga, macrobiotics and the Sacred Arts for over 25 years.

I am an Internationally certified Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. Macrobiotics Kushi certified practitioner and Advanced Pranic Healer.

I help and guide people to live with purpose, through practical sessions that begin with movement because I believe that once you have that down, the rest is much easier to master.


The Programme:

Health sits very closely to happiness in 2022. Both physical and mental health is also a big concern among employees with the return to work. Health and happiness interventions

Encouraging people within your organisation back to the workplace with a wellness programme that is effective in improving health, alleviating anxiety and uplifting mood will have a significant positive effect on productivity, lowering the drop off from sickness mentally and physically. Employers see wellness linked to productivity

We have all seen the uptake on yoga, mindful practices and exercise over the last 18 months, continuing the flow of that practice and connecting its benefits to the workplace is now seen as a key factor in happiness at work.