There is nothing more valuable than good health. There is nothing that makes us happier than positive relationships with other people and the environment we live in. These are lifelong facts, this is not a new concept, we all know this, don’t we?

Yes, money, success and the material gifts it can bring offers big hits of happiness,  but just like a sweet cake the initial taste sparks a high, a feeling of bliss which all too soon fades away leaving an empty space and an appetite that needs sweetening up again.

Most of us are out of balance to varying degrees, we have good days and bad days. Unregulated mood swings, mental and physical fatigue, self-doubt, procrastination, confusion, a disassociation and dissatisfaction with the world around us. Affecting our relationship to lovers, friends, family and work colleagues, all the people and space around us.

This unhappy state has been normalised; everyone is doing it!!! But its not normal to be unhappy and out of balance, its not normal to be overweight and sad, to rely on prescription drugs for anxiety and stress. Alcohol to slow down, caffeine to pick up….all to just simply to get through the day!  Who made this normal!!??

There is another way of living; in harmony with nature, in sync with the environmental seasons, calm and clear mind. A space where you are able to come down from flight or flight mode to reflect and respond to the circumstances good or bad that are happening around you. This more balance approach to life is the key to not only the priceless gift of joy and happiness, but your overall health and wellness.

“So how do we do it? How can I get back on track”

The ancient Indian medical system known as ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems, 5000years old. Ayurveda literally means science of life, “ayus “meaning life, and “veda” meaning science.

The main concept of ayurveda is that it personalises the healing process, a natural herbal holistic method that helps protect against long term illness such as heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, slowing down degenerative arthritis.

According to ayurveda life is a union of the bodily senses, mind and soul. All objects in the universe including the human body are composed of 5 basic elements; earth, water, fire , air and ether ( vacuum).

Our growth and development, our health or sickness depends on the balanced state of these 5 elements. The loss of equilibrium from bad lifestyle, nutrition, eating habits, non-observance of seasonal elements, improper exercise, erratic living causing disturbance of the body and mind.

In ayurveda the human body is composed of 4 basics; the dosha, dhatu, mala and agni;

  1. DOSHA; Digestion of food: metabolism and carrying the byproduct of food around the body, helping build up the body tissues, the malfunction of this process causes disease.
  2. DHATU: The basic provision of nutrition throughout the body; the  blood, muscles, plasma, fat tissues, bone, bone marrow. Helping the growth and structure of the mind.
  3. MALA: Waste products: stool, urine, sweat. Proper exertion of the body is essential to maintain proper health. Detoxing the dirty waste products.
  4. ANGI: Metabolism and digestive activity, through the biological enzymes present in the liver and tissue cells.

Sri Lanka is known as the home of ayurveda, the perfect location for my upcoming retreat in February 2024 titled “The life balancing Ayurveda and Yoga retreat” because the programme will help you do that…come back to balance.

Yoga is the sister to Ayurveda, this programme to bring you back to balance will be a fundamental life changing experience. We all know it’s getting harder to find peace, it’s getting harder to switch off .That’s why this retreat works, that’s why all my retreats work, because they are designed to help you get back to balance, your healthy equilibrium.

More than just a holiday, you will be actively working on getting better, you are actively recognising that there are issues that solving, and you would like to get some time to reflect on.

That perspective is hard when you are swimming in it. February is the perfect month, the beginning of a new year, the time for a new you.

Prices start at £2200. Find out how you can join us here Events – Active Pada


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