Your Face Never Lies

A quick glance in the mirror can tell you much about your health.

The shape of your face alone reveals a great deal. Your posture, skin tone, facial structures, all reveal the vitality of your constitution at birth, the quality of your diet, the strength and weakness of your internal organs. This traditional oriental diagnosis leads beyond the narrow limits of western medicine. More than a diagnostic tool, helping you understand yourself, your life and your relationship to nature.

The very sophisticated diagnostic means of modern medicine look only at the body function, attempting to pinpoint the cause of the problem. However, often the persons overall health, mental state and lifestyle are completely and mistakenly overlooked. Highlighting the reason and success of holistic therapies. Holistic studies not only diagnose individuals lifestyles, but also include the social and environmental study and analysis of society itself.

When I began studying macrobiotics in the early 90’s. Sharpening my own perceptions, refining my own health and sensitivity by adopting the macrobiotic diet of mainly whole grains, beans and vegetables which I have followed ever since. This study included biology, Chinese medicine and cultural disciplines that helped me gain an understanding of human health and illness, ultimately a holistic form of diagnosis. The combination of “macro” meaning large and “biotic” related to living things. Macrobiotics is a way of making our life larger, more in touch with nature and our environment.

80% of Adults in the UK are prescribed to medication for physical and mental illness, and hormonal regulation. The rising tide of degenerative illness, mental health, economic and societal breakdown clearly signals that there is a need for a preventative direction. Readdressing the relationship between individuals’ health, their diet, spiritual attitude, and total environment, all aspects of their life. Our face tells the story of strength and weakness, the environment we are brought up in, the food we have eaten, all expressed in our present condition.

We are all seeking balance through polarity, our selection of friends, jobs, interests, foods that we are attracted to, all tell a story about the constitutional and conditional balance in the body.  This is an incredibly interesting and topical subject for todays world. Our life story is written on our face, the happy times, the pain and suffering, the food that we have eaten,  the places we have been, no matter how much we try to mask our feelings, wipe our past away, erase our story, our face never lies.

For example, Our skin texture:

Rapidly becoming rougher as we age is a signal of over abundance of saturated fats, in current diet this can begin as young as 30.

Oily skin from too much oil. Overeating is converted into fats which come out as oil on the skin.

Wet, excess liquid on the skin ; overconsumption of water and other drinks. Sweaty palms or feet and underarms can indicate overburdened kidneys and sometimes overworked heart.

We can see worry and anxiety in our own face, and the face of friends and family. The worry and anxiety lines as you can see from this table relate to specific areas in the body, this is how these feelings can eventually create illness.

The path of good health and wellbeing, not to be mistaken with the pursuit of perfection, starts when we begin to understand who we are. The acknowledgement of where we are on our life journey and the direction we are moving in. It is often difficult to find perspective, to look without judgement at the face of who we are, who we can be, who we are meant to be. Without the distractions of feelings, emotions, and troubled thoughts of the mind. The holistic approach of good health is a preventative lifestyle. I create space for people to step away from their worries, to be nurtured with good food in a positive environment that facilitates the unravelling of problems. I look at the faces on day 1, each individuals issues written so clearly on there. Then as we progress, we come to see at the end of the trip, that face has blossomed into this wonderful bright human. Its never too late to change, to grow and evolve. To look at the reflection in the mirror and see the person you have always wanted to, who you deserve to be.

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