One Giant Leap….Plans for your good health 2024.

Physically; Connect to my body. Shape up, weight loss, improve fitness, agility, and strength.

Whether your 25 or 65, age has no place in the wellness world. We are all humans looking to improve our quality of life by improving and taking care of our physical body, the vehicle that we use to travel around this earthly life. This can easily and simply improve by making adjustments to diet and being more active in our daily lives; remove the processed foods, reduce animal foods, cut down on sugar, caffeine and alcohol, walk, take the stairs, perhaps join a gym or subscribe to my free you tube channel. Make plans with friends that include a visit to a yoga class or a walk in the park, day out at the sea or country walk. These simple amendments do not necessarily cost money but they do require extra effort.

Emotionally; Quieten down the emotions. Improve overall mood and relationships with loved ones, friends, family and work colleagues. Less reaction more reflect.

Often our daily life and decision making is driven by our emotional body. When we detox from a physical viewpoint, it is also important to detox our mind. The thoughts that we create based on past experiences, feelings we hold on to, judgements. This can have a major effect on our decision making.

“Emotion is motion” replace fear, worry, doom with faith .courage and gratitude.

Yoga is a practice of solution emotion helping us unlock trapped emotions that we hold in our physical body. Yin yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by many people for its restful and deep stimulation of the body, restorative yoga does exactly what it says “restore” to balance and create equilibrium.

Energetically; Calm the inner storm. Strong will creates action, less procrastination.

You may or may not have heard of the Chakras, these are energy centres in the body that represent and control the distribution of energy around our key organs, blood and brain. When these energy wheels are blocked or low function the related organs are also not functioning to full capacity, this is what can cause low self esteem, doubt, worry, chronic fatigue and if left unchecked organ mal function. We are beings of Love, Intelligence and Power accessing these powerful energy centres establishes certainty, which in turn rebalances energy.

Spiritually: Inner Peace, harmony, total balance and understanding of who I am and how I should live.

All the pieces of the puzzle in life reside here.Without a Spiritual practice there is no lasting inner peace. Without a connection to the Higher Soul, to something more than this physical plane there is only flux, unrest and complicated desire.

Putting faith on outside material goods, “stuff” that after a period of time becomes old, tattered and broken. It is no coincidence that the increased interest in spirituality, the practices of meditation and yoga, with their ability access to a sense of permanence to life, to truth of meaning and understanding. As more and more people are disconnected it has caused a crisis in humanity, and it is only in crisis that you remember who you really are.

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Mickey is a Wellbeing Coach who knows how to get the most out of her students. Her unique, avant garde approach to good health leads to increased productivity and creativity in all aspects of life. She has over 30 years’ experience in wellness, human resources and training with an emphasis on impro