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The Power of Retreats

What is a retreat in 2023 ? Why should I go on a retreat? What can I expect. Why are Mickey  and activepada retreats becoming increasingly popular? …We get the results our clients are looking for over and over again.

Retreats are nothing new in concept, however this side of the pandemic retreat holidays have grown in popularity, replacing the traditional holiday for an adventure into themselves, seeking good health and happiness. The demographic for retreat holidays is increasingly varied, this being a sign that the problems and search for solutions is on the rise.

In my experience these are the main frame for why a retreat holiday break is for you.

  • About 80% of the adult population suffer from symptoms of unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Mental issues that include anxiety and depression, boredom with life.
  • Fatigue, sleep issues and feel the need to rest and recharge.
  • Unhealthy diet with a lack of knowledge of how to reset their current eating habits.
  • Overweight to varying degrees, many years of lack of exercise, and overeating.
  • All good and popular reasons to be attracted to the world of wellness retreats.

What can you expect.

  • SPACE: “get away” Why do you not move forward in your life? You create distractions “ busy “ at work, you make more time for meetings than your personal health and welfare. Home, the boom and bust of coffee to wake up alcohol to slow down, in between these two polars there’s no time. A retreat is the time, a designated space without these distractions. Perhaps for the first time this space creates a peaceful mind, space to think.
  • SUPPORT:  You are in the hands of professionals. I have run more than 10 retreats in the last 4 years, also I am a professional listener, I hold space for everyone, individually and collectively. For many people, they just want to be heard. We are here for you! You might be surprised about how much support there is within the group, the camaraderie amongst the guest groups is incredible, many becoming new friends for life.
  • CHANGE: You are coming on this retreat because you know you want to change. Additionally, you are not sure yet how this is going to happen or even what exactly you need but you are a seeker. I help all my clients to move physically, energetically, and spiritually, being STUCK is a common thread.
  • INVESTMENT: Good health is priceless, furthermore it is all we have got that has any real value, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Furthermore, a retreat is an investment in your good health, a prevention programme. Similarly, the investment of your retreat is for your future, the cost financially of the loss of income if you were to become ill, lost your mobility, your ability to function physically and mentally. Whenever I have asked clients about the value for money there response is always overly positive.

Testimonials from recent retreats in 2023;

“Mickey is awesome! I have just spent 6 days in Ibiza with Mickey on a retreat doing yoga and I am a converted Yogi. She is so knowledgeable and has a great ability to deal with people at all levels and put them at ease. I have come back feeling more flexible, refreshed and being able to breath better. Highly recommended.”  Anita

“In Life you come across people who have an impact on you and truly are memorable, Mickey is one of those special people. I had the pleasure recently to benefit from Mickey’s teachings on a retreat, a new comer to it all she was so good with me, thought me lots, was patient and dead funny. love her positivity and sprit. Hope to see you soon Mickey you yoga legend !!!! all the best Tom ! X”


WHY THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU NOW. Write a list of the possible reasons why you want to come,

now a list of the why you should not come.

I think now you are ready to book!!!!?


About Mickey

Mickey’s goal is to help people thrive by living better lives at work, home or play! Starting from the inside out.

Mickey is a Wellbeing Coach who knows how to get the most out of her students. Her unique, avant garde approach to good health leads to increased productivity and creativity in all aspects of life. She has over 30 years’ experience in wellness, human resources and training with an emphasis on impro