Why detox is important to kickstart good health

Discover the warning signs that your body is crying out for a detox. I sat down with Verity Smith, renowned wellness advocate and founder of Ibiza Superfoods and Detox-Ibiza. We delve into the importance of detoxification, its immediate benefits, and how this transformative regimen can reawaken your health, ultimately aiding in a fuller, more vibrant life. Tune in to this insightful conversation.

I talk to Verity Smith, founder of Ibiza Superfoods and Detox-Ibiza, about the key signals that you need to detox and why detox is an important programme to kickstart back to good health.
Signals that we need to detox;

Low energy: sleeping problems. That can include waking up without feeling refreshed from your sleep.
Stubborn weight gain: going to the gym, calorie restricted diet but still cant loose weight. That’s another sign that your body is holding on to fat; your liver is storing fat.
Skin outbreaks: skin is dull puffiness around the eyes.
Brain fog: no clarity mentally, can’t think straight, which creates anxiety and worry.
Burnout: the stress of “modern living”. Running on empty, adrenalin in a state of fight or flight 24 hours a day.
Emotional Freeze: where you feel disconnected from other people, relationships, your job, and the people around you.
The vicious cycle of stimulants: Using alcohol to relax and caffeine to stimulate sugars, processed foods.

The most worrying thing is that all the above is now “normal” daily living for many people without realising that the “wear and tear” on our system maybe not in the immediate term depending on other external factors and your age. However, in the long term, this is how we can become seriously ill and or long-term medication.
80% of adults are on prescription medication for hormonal, mental anxiety and physical ailments. We can do so much with diet and nutrition and lifestyle.

For a detox the immediate benefits that Verity has seen from her clients;

Mental clarity.
Increased energy.
Weight loss if required.
Skin improvements.

All over, they feel well, balanced and calm. Healthy and well, perhaps in a long time, years or even the first time in your adult life you feel healthy, fit and well. Creating a baseline so that when you go back to your life, you can measure how you can and want to feel.

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